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7th January
written by admin

OG Kush Earwax

Here is a fresh tray of OG Kush “Honeycomb” Earwax. This is the highest grade of butane hash oil you can achieve pretty much. This stuff has less butane and more concentration of THC than other BHO concentrates. This picture was taken during the purging process where excess butane is evaporated. How many dabs are in this tray?

31st December
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Picture of Honeycomb Earwax - Medical Marijuana Concentrate

This is some really high quality Honeycomb OG Kush Budder.  It gets the name “honeycomb” from the round depressions or holes in it.  This stuff smells twice as strong as some good og.  This medical marijuana concentrate often fetches $60 or more a gram.  There is NO higher quality or more pure anywhere than this stuff.  An instant head change is had before even exhaling.  Earwax, butane hash oil and smoking dabs have become extremely popular in southern California’s million-plus medical marijuana patient population.

27th December
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Here is some “Honey Buds“. Honey Bud is marijuana nugs dipped in butane hash oil. This stuff is super potent. So potent after only a week of smoking it my tolerance to normal leaf buds was through the roof. This is a sativa and the oil that these nugs are coated in is probably one of the top 3 strongest Hash Oil i’ve ever smoked.
Honey Bud Hash Oil Concentrate