23rd November
written by admin

Here’s some new Herojuana OG Kush. This strain has the traditional OG Kush traits but with a more skunky or piney taste and smell. I would saw this OG Kush Strain has a little bit of Bubba Kush undertones to it. So skunky and sour when you smoke it, your palette puckers. Herojuana OG Kush is a strong %100 Indica medical strain from the San Fernando Valley that has been grown to perfection and produces a strong enough high to make it the favorite of many heavy kush smokers and medical patients. Check out the picture…
Herojuana OG Kush Picture

18th August
written by cree

Here is some special stuff.  This is the notorious Headband (which is og kush x sour diesel then backcrossed to OG kush one more time).  Add in some herojuana and you have a knock you on your butt strain.  I highly recommend this to anyone out there…

Headband Herojuana Medical marijuana

20th April
written by cree

Check out this Herojuana and OG Kush hybrid.  The Herojuana strain is know for it’s almost narcotic high.  Many Medical Marijuana Patients love it due to its pain relieving effects.

OG Herojuana Kush Nugs

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