Purple Urkel

8th February
written by admin

Here is an almost perfect looking nug of Purple Urkel. This was grown to perfection and trimmed meticulously, they also spent adequate time curing this flower before bringing it to the shelf. The result: Smooth smoking, sweeting tasting, moderately potent purple nugs. This stuff is almost like candy, so sweet, so aromatic. I’m not the biggest fan or endorser of the “high” produced from purple strains, but this one had a little punch to it.

Purple Urkel Strain Picture and Review

16th April
written by cree

Here is some OG Kush crossed with Purple Urkel. Check out this new strain out of humboldt county

OG Kush x Purple Urkel

26th March
written by cree

Check out how nice this primetime purple urkel is…

Primetime Purple Urkel

13th February
written by cree

Here is some Purple Urkel.  Purple Urkel is one of the top 3 “new school” purple strains.  Grape Ape and Grand Daddy Purple are the others.  Legend has it that Purple Urkel is the father of Grand Daddy Purple.  This Indica is a relaxing high that lasts about 2 hours. Although I never get the heavy sedative indica stone from this strain as i do

Purple Urkel Marijuana Picture

8th April
written by cree

Check out how purple these nugs of Purple Urkle are…  This northern californian native is known for its grape flavor and heavy sedating effect.

Purple Urkle Medical Marijuana

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