15th January
written by admin

Here’s is some really nice Master Kush “earwax” or “budder”. Budder and Earwax are names given to classify the quality or purity of butane hash oil. Budder and earwax aren’t like a “wet” Hash Oil, you can easily manage this stuff without it sticking to your fingers too bad. The Master Kush Earwax pictured was produced from not just the trim of the Master Kush plant, but also the flowers too. This goes to show that BHO can be made with little to no excess butane left-over and It can be made far more potent than the flower form.

Master Kush Hash Oil Budder

2nd April
written by cree

Check out this Mars OG Kush Full Melt. This Medical Marijuana concentrate is made using the trim from OG plants. They throw all the trim and leaves and excess into these nylon bags. The nylon bags have different size “pores”. the Kits have about 10 bags. The 10th bag has the smallest holes in it so it only traps the trichomes and little to no plant matter. This hash is probably a 5-6 bag extraction. They only use ice water to separate the trichs from the plant.
Mars OG Kush Full Melt Bubble Hash

Mars OG Kush Detail

8th April
written by cree

Check out this green crack cold water bubble hash.  this sativa is sure to keep anyone medicated throughout the day.

Green Crack Medical Hash

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