16th November
written by admin

Starting to see some good growth and real root development. The weather got really cold and i wasn’t able to allow this cutting to get as much natural sun as I could. Despite these drawbacks and getting the clone “early” from the clone collective in the san fernando valley, I’m still confident this ACDC clone will be a fighter. I’m feeding it only natural nutrients and im not feeding it too much because I read on a forum that this strain doesn’t like strong nutrient mixes.

ACDC medical marijuana clone during day 9 of veg growth

14th November
written by admin


starting to see some real growth

12th November
written by admin

I was able to get the plant to start rooting, looks like this thing will be a fighter and grow well. Check out the root structure and see how well this “Baby AC/DC clone” is shooting downward. I used no nutrients just a cool white CF spectrum and a custom made elevator and a little bit of peligrino sparkling water for some extra co2. The peligrino was not allowed to touch the rockwool or roots directly.

ACDC Clone CBD Journal Day 2 Roots

11th November
written by admin

This is the first post in my daily journal about growing CBD rich strain “ACDC“. ACDC is reported as being a 20:1 CBD to THC ration strain. This simply means if your CBD gross weight of dried flower is 20%, your THC percentage should be around 1%. CBD is the healing and “Non-head high” cannabinoid found in the marijuana flower, THC obviously is the “Heady” high part of the high or medicating effect of medical marijuana. ACDC is supposedly comprised of 2 Old-School strainsG13 and MKUltra. ACDC is also reported to be a pure 50/50 Indica sativa hybrid too.

I donated for this somewhat hard to find cbd clone locally in the san fernando valley and I got it a little early with no roots showing past the bottom of the rockwool cube. This is the first picture i’m posting of “Baby ACDC”

ACDC CBD Strain from Clone Day 1

1st February
written by admin

Here is some really well made OG Kush Budder. This concentrate is made from nugs instead of the usual trim used in making hash. The THC concentration of stuff like this often creeps over the %60 level, which is hit for hit atleast 3 times stronger than the most potent OG Kush flowers available today. There is very little to no butane left over in this batch of hash, it smokes smoothly and doesn’t make you cough your ass off too hard. The high is intense and somewhat short-lived, I even prefer to smoke this stuff of out an old glass spoon instead of all these ti nails and skillets.

OG Kush Honeycomb Earwax 2012

23rd May
written by cree

here’s some green crack from this week. As i said in the earlier post, Green Crack has brighter hairs than blue dream usually. I never smoke this shit, good for you if it gets you high, cause it doesn’t do shit to me. Old ladies usually buy the green crack and blue dream…
green crack sativa

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