Flow Berry

10th February
written by cree

Here is some purple flo-berry.  I don’t know too much about this strain.  From what i can see i would say that it is some sort of Grand Daddy Purple hybrid.  This strain smells like a fruit rollup and tastes like one too.  The High this indica produces isn’t the knock you on your ass type, but it’s very satisfying.

Purple Flo-Berry

29th October
written by cree

Here is some Goo Berry.  Goo Berry is another Northern Californian strain.  It’s a cross of afgoo and spring berry.  It’s a sweet fruity tasting indica and the stone is heavy…

Goo Berry

30th May
written by cree

Check out this purple flow berry.  The shade of purple this bud turned is redicolous.  This Pure Indica plant was created in Northern California.  The taste of these nugs is like fresh grapes and candy all in one.

Purple Flow Berry

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