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27th December
written by admin

Here is some “Honey Buds“. Honey Bud is marijuana nugs dipped in butane hash oil. This stuff is super potent. So potent after only a week of smoking it my tolerance to normal leaf buds was through the roof. This is a sativa and the oil that these nugs are coated in is probably one of the top 3 strongest Hash Oil i’ve ever smoked.
Honey Bud Hash Oil Concentrate

2nd April
written by cree

Here is our famous “Maui Honey Bud”. This sativa concentrate is by far the strongest thing on my shelf gram for gram. This sativa concentrate feels like an indica because it’s hits you so hard. You only need a tiny piece of this stuff to get feeling good and medicated. I have atleast 5 people that are addicted to this stuff, its that good. Only downside after smoking this for a while normal leaf bud doesnt get you high…
Maui Honey Buds (butane hash Oil nugs)

Honey Bud Detail Shot