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11th November
written by admin

This is the first post in my daily journal about growing CBD rich strain “ACDC“. ACDC is reported as being a 20:1 CBD to THC ration strain. This simply means if your CBD gross weight of dried flower is 20%, your THC percentage should be around 1%. CBD is the healing and “Non-head high” cannabinoid found in the marijuana flower, THC obviously is the “Heady” high part of the high or medicating effect of medical marijuana. ACDC is supposedly comprised of 2 Old-School strainsG13 and MKUltra. ACDC is also reported to be a pure 50/50 Indica sativa hybrid too.

I donated for this somewhat hard to find cbd clone locally in the san fernando valley and I got it a little early with no roots showing past the bottom of the rockwool cube. This is the first picture i’m posting of “Baby ACDC”

ACDC CBD Strain from Clone Day 1

30th November
written by admin

Here is some plain old OG Kush. Sometimes growers or dispensaries will slap a marketable name onto an OG Kush strain. This kush was so good, they didn’t have to. Take a look at how many trichomes you can see in the picture. This nug is literrally drenched in THC. This stuff gave me a really heady, clear high. The burnout wasnt too bad and the taste was piney without being too harsh. Wish it had a more unique name, but this is some great OG.
OG Kush November 2010

26th November
written by admin

Here is some 818 OG Kush. The 818 is the area code for Southern California’s San Fernando Valley. The SFV or San Fernando Valley is reguarded by many to be the birthplace to the OG Kush we all smoke today. Indoor Grow Houses are all over the valley and many breeders are constantly improving their own cut or variation of OG Kush. This is a really good and sticky one, with a knock you out high. It tastes as good as it looks by the way…
818 OG Kush SFV

27th February
written by cree

Here’s yet another example of OG Kush.  As you can tell by now you must know that OG is my favorite thing to smoke and the only thing that actually gets me high.  This is some really good Kush if you like OG Like i do.

Ghost OG Kush

29th August
written by cree

Here’s some Mr. Nice Guy from Norther California.  Mr. Nice guy is a hybrid Indica strain.  The lineage of Mr. Nice Guy is Hash Plant x G13.  The result is some very nice tasting and nice smelling weed.  The high isn’t too overwhelming and is very happy and relaxing.  It’s nice to see some good purple buds outside of the Grand Daddy and Urkel families.

Mr. Nice Guy