29th August
written by cree

Here is a strain i don’t come across often. This is “Royal Kush”.  Royal Kush is a very light/lime green with hints of purple on it.  The parents of this stain are : Sour Diesel x Purple Kush x Afghani.  With those parents this hybrid strain is leaning on the sativa dominant side.  If anyone else has info on this strain please leave a comment.

Royal Kush


  1. 31/08/2009

    about a month ago my dealer had and ounce of this, and it was out in a week. the best shit ive ever smoked, hands down. i live in austin,tx.

  2. pheardj82

    i happen to b lucky enough to run into this fine batch n its shonestly ya a beautiful hybrid ! but tha shit basically ridonkulous n its looks ! hands down shits on some basic og kush ! that ridiculous smell & taste is crazy ull love it

  3. rob croft

    top green beautiful smoke

  4. Bryan

    I’m growing this right now… seeds from Royal Seeds from Holland. the plant is soooo beautiful and it smells amazing and it’s sooo sticky and full of THC crystals!!!

  5. Bryan

    oh and btw, this is NOT a sativa nor is leaning more to a sativa side, it’s definitely Indica!!!

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