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8th February
written by admin

Here is a somewhat “one-off” strain that I came across sometime last year. I called this strain “one-off” because it didn’t seem to catch on, was more like an experiment. It was clear that traits from God’s Gift and Bubba Kush were coming through in this hybrid. It had the skunky and piney kushey-ness of bubba, AND the sweet grape smell you’d find in God’s Gift. It’s interesting because God’s Gift is about the most dense strain I can think of, and Bubba is somewhat looser and more leafy. Check out this picture, medical marijuana has never and will never look this good again!

bubba kush x gods gift purple

2nd April
written by cree

Here is some more God’s Gift. The strain consists of Lavender an OG Kush, however this is up for debate. I personally dont see any og kush in this strain. look for yourself or try it 🙂

God's Gift

29th August
written by cree

Here’s some Mr. Nice Guy from Norther California.  Mr. Nice guy is a hybrid Indica strain.  The lineage of Mr. Nice Guy is Hash Plant x G13.  The result is some very nice tasting and nice smelling weed.  The high isn’t too overwhelming and is very happy and relaxing.  It’s nice to see some good purple buds outside of the Grand Daddy and Urkel families.

Mr. Nice Guy