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11th November
written by admin

This is the first post in my daily journal about growing CBD rich strain “ACDC“. ACDC is reported as being a 20:1 CBD to THC ration strain. This simply means if your CBD gross weight of dried flower is 20%, your THC percentage should be around 1%. CBD is the healing and “Non-head high” cannabinoid found in the marijuana flower, THC obviously is the “Heady” high part of the high or medicating effect of medical marijuana. ACDC is supposedly comprised of 2 Old-School strainsG13 and MKUltra. ACDC is also reported to be a pure 50/50 Indica sativa hybrid too.

I donated for this somewhat hard to find cbd clone locally in the san fernando valley and I got it a little early with no roots showing past the bottom of the rockwool cube. This is the first picture i’m posting of “Baby ACDC”

ACDC CBD Strain from Clone Day 1