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6th March
written by cree

Here is some “Pot of Gold” from northern California. Pot of Gold is a hybrid comprised of two strains; hindu kush and skunk #1. These hybrid produces a hard fade that doesn’t leave you on your ass all day. What I like about this strain is that it medicates like an indica but doesnt burn you out.
Pot of Gold Medical Marijuana

15th June
written by cree

Any leprechaun or stoner would be ecstatic to find this Pot of Gold nug at the end of a rainbow.  Pot of Gold is a relatively new strain that is a cross of Hindu Kush and Skunk #1.  The result is the awesome smelling, tasting, and medicating hybrid.  The THC percentages in this plant routinely reach over %15.  The high this flower produces is often described as uplifting and heavy.

Pot of Gold (hindu kush x skunk #1)