20th October
written by admin

This is actually a really well-written song by debbie. She took a lot of criticism when she broke into the bay area’s “female trap” scene at the same time as KREAYSHAWN ‘s hit single “gucci gucci” took the radio waves by storm. I’ve listened to satellite radio interviews where debbie spoke nothing but the truth about her skills as a rapper, mc, writer etc. She simply said “I may not be the best, but i’m working towards it”. If kreayshawn can take the nation’s youth by storm with a line as simple as “see me at your college campus, baggie full of adderral.” I truly believe that Lil Debbie can reclaim the title as the biggest thing out of the “Yay Area” since “e-40” had the entire nation ghost riding the whip and going dumb stupid retarded.

2005 Bubba Kush Picture

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