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19th February
written by cree

Pruple Monkey Balls is a relatively new medical marijuana strain from Norther California.  This purple strain is stronger than most purples and has a distinct skunky – piney smell. check out the picture

Purple Monkey Balls Medical Marijuana

10th February
written by cree

Here is some more purple monkey balls.  I really like this strain.  I find it often to be more potent that most other purples out right now.  It has a spicy unmistakable smell and the high is great.  Check this indica out.]

Purple Monkey Balls Medical Marijunana

2nd October
written by cree

Here’s some purple monkey balls.  As you can see from the pictures this is a very purple strain.  The smell is very grapey and the taste is very rich and fruity.  Check out this strain if you ever have a chance…

Purple Monkey Balls

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