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2nd April
written by cree

Check out this Mars OG Kush Full Melt. This Medical Marijuana concentrate is made using the trim from OG plants. They throw all the trim and leaves and excess into these nylon bags. The nylon bags have different size “pores”. the Kits have about 10 bags. The 10th bag has the smallest holes in it so it only traps the trichomes and little to no plant matter. This hash is probably a 5-6 bag extraction. They only use ice water to separate the trichs from the plant.
Mars OG Kush Full Melt Bubble Hash

Mars OG Kush Detail

11th July
written by cree

Here’s some OG Kush Full Melt Hash.  Full Melt hash refers to hash that “bubbles or sizzles” when you put a flame to it.  The reason it bubbles is because Full Melt hash has a higher purity or concentration of THC.  THC or TetraHydraCannabinol is an oil.  When heated this oil bubbles and gives off smoke.  This hash was made using a bubble bag method.  Simply the weed or marijuana plant trimmings is placed into a nylon bag, cold water and ice is added.  The bags are then vigorously shaken until most of the THC from the weed is knocked off.  The less porous the nylon bag is the more pure that result hash is.  This is smoke very pure stuff.  The high from this concentrate is hard hitting, but clean.  The high is more intense that smoking the flowers of this plant, but you feel more clear headed.  The mildly euphoric high lasts longer that the OG Kush flowers too.  To top it all off this stuff tastes like sweet skunky candy.

OG Kush Full Melt Hash

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