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26th November
written by admin

Here is some really good Bubba Kush from a Sourthern California Medical Marijuana Dispensary. This bubba has the textbook skunky and piney smell. This is definately a %100 Indica strain that produces a relaxing, soothing, and tranquilizing high. Smoke some Bubba Kush before bed and have some great deep sleep. Smoke some in the morning and feel really stoned. Anyway you take it, you really can’t go wrong with this strain.
Bubba Kush Marijuana

29th August
written by cree

Here is some Bubba Kush Kief.  Kief is the pollen from the marijuana flowers.  The pollen or trichomes is where the main psyco-active ingrident in marijuana is found, THC.  This concentrated form of marijuana produces an intense high while having no additives or chemicals.  Most smokers take a scoop of this kief and top their bowl with it.  It adds a nice kick some even an average nug of marijuana.

Bubba Kush Kief