19th September
written by cree

Here’s some LA Confidential.  I’ve posted this strain before, but this is a really good batch.  LA Confidential is a hybrid on OG Kush x Bubba Kush and Pure Kush.  Put those all together and you get some really beautiful, trichome covered nugs.  The high from this strain is not too over powering as say an OG Kush, but it still gets you feeling very medicated.  The taste is skunky and earthy with a slight undertone of coffee.  Check out the picture.

LA Confidential

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  1. Kree

    Good God those are the good fuzzies.

  2. Cannaisseur

    LA Con is not bubba pure and OG im sorry to say id believe in the tooth fairy before i believed that its OG X Afgani sorry come up north and ask any one theyll tell you

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