29th August
written by cree

Here is some LA Confidential.  LA Confidential is a relatively new strain out of california.  The genetics on this strain are under debate and some says thats how this strain got its name, from the mystery behind this hybrid.  Most people will says that LA Confidential is a cross of: OG Kush, Master Kush, and Bubba Kush.  This bud is very similar to Bubba Kush in appearance, smell and texture.  The smell is the earthy piney scent found in bubba kush.  This strain has purple in it %90 of the time.  This strain is a favorite of many medical marijuana patients.  This high from this plant is very strong and heavy on the body.  The taste of the smoke is spicy and skunky and kushy at the same time.  Check out these awesome nugs…

LA Confidential Marijuana Weed

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  1. Cannaisseur

    I gotta set the record straight, I have to say I’ve done my research and with that being said LA Confidential is not (OG x MasterKush)x Bubba but
    OG x Afgani. That is,In most of Northern California it is.

  2. LA Con

    Ive been growing LA for years now, and theres some purple in the genetic line, but it is only brought out by cooler temps in bloom-so…90% of the time? Not as concrete as that-depends on the temps in which it was grown.Its lineage is OG LA Affie X Afghani. It smells nothing like Masterkush, which has an earthier smell and taste, and the buds appear darker in color than Bubba Kush.

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