30th May
written by cree

Here is the elusive Pineapple Express strain.  Made popular by the 2008 movie this strain packs a real punch.  With genetics based on Pineapple and Kush strains is easy to see why so many people are after this strain.  The Taste of these nugs is skunky and fruity.  The high this strain produces lifts you up and keeps you stoned for a good 2-3 hours.  Most users report no harsh comedown with this plant. High Resolution Picture Below…

Pineapple Express Medical Marijuana


  1. mbc

    Shit is awesome.

  2. dave

    there is no such thing as pineaple express. if someone offers it to u its fake. dumb asses

  3. State

    some good weed smoke yaeard

  4. unknown

    Dave why must u hate? whether it a real strain or not that shit still looks mighty tastee! who gives a fuck if its real or not! JUST BLAZE!

  5. dan

    the second guy up is a fucking liar there is a such thing dude go to a dispenserary. and it actualy has a pinnapple taste.

  6. BC

    Dave you are a tool.

    Buddha’s Sister is the strain that’s also known as Pineapple Express. End of story.

  7. BC

    Buddha’s Sister – aka “Pineapple Express” – is mostly Indica
    (80% Indica/20% Sativa), and absolutely coated through and through with sugary crystals.

    The high from this strain will hit you square in the face. It is very heavy, especially in the eyes. We find the buzz to be powerful and creative.

    The taste of the smoke is sweet but also a tad harsh. It has a tart cherry candy aftertaste.

    This strain is well suited for people with attention disorders and eye problems.

  8. john

    dave go fuck ur self!!!
    this shit is the bomest shit ever!! i just came up on 5 g’s of this shit!! so come and blow me bitch!!!

  9. HIGHelevation

    just came across pineapple express after wondering myself if it was even real or all hype, but that shit is fantastic. Frosty, funky, fantastic.

  10. CaliStoner

    Pineapple Express is real dont stop looking for it cause this fool…Overall Experience is a MUST! XD

  11. gangaplaya

    Who ever says that pineapple express is not real, is a real fucking retard. Personally i have grown 4 plants of pineapple express and all of the bud produced by this plant is bomb. Fruity taste with an awesome hi. Didnt last as long as i thought it would, but definately a great strain.

  12. Pinapple X

    pineapple express is very real, smells like a skunky pineapple, it is one of the best types of mary i ever smoked, also known as hawaii maui wowi or buddhas sister

  13. 23/01/2010

    I actually grow Pineapple express you can get it off line but its hard to find. it is real and trust me it doesnt taste like cherry candys….only pineapple

  14. joker

    where could i find it in new orleans


    It is very real I have been growing it for over a year know!!!!!!!!! it is a mostly sativa hybrid not a indica dominant hybrid. The cross was done by crossing 3 strains into a single or F-1 Hybrid Pineapplexmangoxbubblegum. that is the real pineapple Express genetics Not the one the seedbanks are selling. I got this strain when it was still a Clone only plant And it is bad ass!!!!! awsome Daytime medicine If i could figure out how to attach a pic I would show you the real pineapple express!!!!!!! peace and rest ashure that it does excist

  16. Hislildgirl

    My pusher just came at me with pineapple express. At first I didn’t believe him. But when I saw it’ and SMELLED it I knew. It looks a lot like the picture. And acts as described above. I can’t even begin to describe how great this high is. Haha…I pretty much almost got high off the smell of the stuff…it’s like pineapple smell mixed with weed and sweet. You can taste it better if you roll it. Not so much out of a bong. That bong water taste gets in the way ick. But I will say using pineapple express in a bong does get you REALLY fucked up. :3

  17. blazincc47

    @ jocker…. attitude seedbank has some unknown genetics that they call pineapple express and ive grown a couple of fems with great success. the bud is far from earthy but has a pleasant skunky taste with pineapple all throughout. ive also grown buddahs sister and by comparing i wouldnt go so far as saying that the attitude just took budda sister and slapped a name on it cause the taste. the plants are very similar in structure and taste.

  18. ONT CAN.

    FUCK U DAVE! If you don’t believe in a fait then ur a fuckn idiot. I didn’t believe it at first but when i smelt it and smoked it I FUCKN KNEW THIS IS THE BOMB SHIT! THIS IS THE BEST SHIT AROUND, SMOKE IT WHILE U CAN!!!!!!!!!

  19. james

    this shit is fuckin awesome

  20. 06/03/2010

    I wanna smoke this weed ;D

  21. Pplayas

    Haha poor fucking Dave and don’t hate people have tried to tell me shwag is pineapple express but this shits legit, ORIGINAL GANGSTA 4 EVA

  22. chaching

    where can i get this weed guys. it seems fucking good. and i gotta get some man,

  23. This is the real deal. Watch out for some Pineapple Express Bubble h2O Hash coming soon. These flavors are all from Arcata, not even mendo, So you know they are legit. Anyone else has something to say? email me at :info@fadedfools.com

  24. Danny

    dave, you are indeed a tool, i had pineapple express before, it’s lovely, has a gorgeous strong fruity taste, theres definitely pineapple notes in there, and its nice and strong. gotta say though, i had this stuff that tasted like mangos the other day, that was nicer 🙂

  25. passthatsh!t

    i just picked up some bud that smells all pinapple fuity so i googled pineapple express weed and i just looked at that picture and it looks exactly like that and has all the descriptions exactly right. wow.

  26. alex

    i want tht shit so bad

  27. Mr. MaryJane

    I got a bag of pineapple express from my friend the other night, and it has a piney kind of smell to it, and it is sticky like sap… now aparently pineapple express is grown at the base of a pineapple tree in order to pick up the pineapple taste and smell… i think someone tried to pull this off and it didn’t really turn out picking up the traits of a pineapple, but more like the tree… but whatever you want to call it, this shit is amazing, i haven’t had anything this potent since the medical g13 strain i had a while ago, which had me staring at the wall instead of the tv which i just was too baked to concentrate on. Anyways i just wanted to share my pineapple express experience, and now im going to go get a little taste myself. Happy tokin’!

  28. chris

    Dude there is Pineapple express my CareGiver just grew me sum! It smells and taste like pineapple! how about that one dave???????????? we got the strain from holland

  29. jamon

    this stuff is really good have some right now and it looks exactly like the picture got it from my dealer got it exclusivly from the club

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