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30th November
written by admin

Here is some Los Angeles OG Kush. Don’t know how it got this name, must have been grown here. LA OG Kush is about a 7 or 8, not the best but still really good. This is another OG variant thats a hard hitting indica, with great taste and super potent smell. This stuff smells like skunks when you break a nug open.
Los Angeles OG Kush - nov 2010

19th February
written by cree

Here is some 213 OG Kush.  213 is an area code in South Los Angeles popular in many rap songs.  This Kush lives up to the hype and delivers a great high thats lasts a long time.  Grab some munchies and lock into the cough after hitting this one…

213 OG Kush Medical Marijuana