15th June
written by cree

Here is a nug of $100 OG Kush.  This stuff doesn’t really cost $100 an 1/8th, it’s just a name.  San Fernando Valley Medical Marijuana Dispensaries created this name to poke fun at the Hollywood Clubs selling this strain for $100 an 1/8th (3.5 grams).  At any rate this is some of the best smelling and most potent OG Kush i’ve ever seen.   Take a look at the picture, this nug is busting with trichomes.

$100 OG Kush - AKA the Green Lantern


  1. J

    Thanks for the background info. Do you have any knowledge or links to the original strain? Im curious what it comes from because even though its an “indica”, clones I have seen are VERY sativa looking so far…


  2. admin

    Hey J, the only other thing I know about this strain is that it is very closely related to “Butter OG Kush”

    Hope this helps

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